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My experience with BGA School of Music has been wonderful. My son attended the BGA music summer camp program. Before attending BGA, my son lacked confidence and artistic ability. He also had stage fright and wouldn’t perform in school activities. BGA provided the resources to help conqueror his fears. The play they had at the end of the year was a great experience for my son and me. To see how he advanced in just a short time was unbelievable. His reaction after the play was fantastic. He loved being on the stage and was proud of the awards provided at the ceremony. He told me that he would try out for future auditions at school. In addition to that they exceeded my expectations.

My son learned how to play the piano and drums. He learned how to dance and sing in the choir. BGA gave daily lessons and was able to take him out on field trips. Not only did they help him artistically, they helped him with his academics. They gave schoolwork to keep him mentally active during summer break. My son wanted to continue through the school year and BGA brought him into the after school program. My son continues to take his lessons, completes homework, and has downtime before I pick him up in the evenings.

BGA has been a big help in our lives. This is a second home for my son and it’s good to know we have a program like BGA in the community to help our children be as well rounded as can be. I’m happy I found a place that has my son’s best interest at hand.

Nicole Donaldson BGA parent

We love the enthusiasm and appreciation of the fine arts that our children have developed because of the awesome instruction and encouragement they receive at BGA School of Music. Our son Jordan is an accomplished percussionist and vocalist. He has been nominated for numerous music awards, is an all-district chorus participant, honors band nominee, and although just in the 8th grade, he is a member of our county’s high school marching band and jazz ensemble. His school music instructors always compliment him on his strong foundation in music which we credit to his lessons and time spent at BGA. Our daughter, Julia is now taking dance and vocal training. She cannot wait for Saturdays to get here. She loves her classes, her classmates, and her instructors. We love seeing her talents and her confidence blossom under their instruction. She spends the rest of her week reviewing her skills and sharing what she has learned. In addition, with there being so many reports of bullying and negative secular influences in the school systems, it is so comforting to know that we have her enrolled in a positive, faith based program where she is surrounded by positive role models and peers. Not only is her talent being strengthened, but her character as well and she is learning and making great friends at the same time. With the many decisions we have to make for our children regarding extracurricular activities, we can honestly say that enrolling our kids at BGA School of Music was the easiest and we have been blessed beyond measure for it.

Rodney and Tamika Hathaway BGA Parents

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